Bible Scavenger Hunt

Bible Scavenger Hunt is a game which gets kids up and moving and encourages them to get familiar with their Bibles. We have used this with our middle school VBS program a couple of weeks ago. It also works as a  youth group game.

The idea of this game is that each team goes outside and receives a list of Bible verses. They look up the verse and then try to find one of the items listed in that verse.


  • Lists of bible verses – one list per team (see below for suggestions)
  • Bibles – one per team
  • Bag – one per team


None – unless you have them searching for things which are not naturally around. In that case, you need to place the items around when they are not looking


  1. Divide the group into teams. Three or four kids per team seems to work best.
  2. Give each team a Bible and a list of verses.
  3. Each team looks up the Bible verse and then tries to find the item mentioned in the verse. When they find it, they put it in the bag
  4. The goal is to find something related to each verse.


  • Tell the kids if they find something living (ie an ant) then they shouldn’t put it in the bag. Go by the honor system for those things.
  • Have somebody the kids can go to for help if they don’t get the clue. Often this means they are looking at the wrong verse, but sometimes they just don’t understand the language.
  • I’ve given some verse suggestions for the Bible scavenger hunt below. You would give the kids the verse, but not the name of the thing they are looking for. If you have other ideas for words for your Bible scavenger hunt, use a site like Bible Gateway to search the Bible and find a verse for the word you want to use.

Some Suggeted Verses for Bible Scavenger Hunt

Genesis 24:25 – straw
Numbers 20:2 – water
Deuteronomy 11:15 – grass
Deuteronomy 22:6 – nest
Joshua 4:3 – stones
2 Samuel 1:2 – dirt
Job 14:2 – flower
Psalm 91:4 – feathers
Proverbs 6:6 – ant
Proverbs 11:28 – leaves
Song of Songs 6:11 – vines
Jeremiah 38:6 – mud
Ezekiel 37:17 – stick
Hosea 10:4 – weeds
Matthew 13:24 – seed

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