Advent Ideas: Let the Spirit of Advent Visit

Christmas is getting closer. This is the time when we start to panic about all of the things we need to do between now and December 25. Take a breather from the worry today and let the spirit of advent visit your family.

Gather for a few minutes to talk about how your advent is going. Talk about the ups and downs of the advent season, what you have done to prepare for the arrive of Jesus, and what you would still like to do.

Some questions to get the discussion going:

  • Have you learned anything new about yourself this advent?
  • What did you do this season which you are most proud of?
  • It there anything about this advent which you found difficult?
  • Is there any preparation for the coming of Jesus which you would still like to do?
  • How did we grow closer as a family this advent?
  • Did you learn anything from the bible which you didn’t know before?
  • What was your favorite advent activity?

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