Advent Ideas: Put Up the Tree and Do a Christmas Tree Blessing

At our house, we don’t usually put up the tree until after the Fourth Sunday of Advent. Often we do it on Christmas Eve. I always feel like once the tree goes up, the focus really shifts from the advent season to Christmas. If your tree is already up, you can still gather together for a Christmas tree blessing.

Doing a Christmas tree blessing helps us focus again on the true meaning of this busy season, which is especially important as we draw nearer to Christmas and are worrying about things like purchasing few more gifts or getting ready for guests.

Christmas Tree Blessing

Dear God, you sent Jesus into this world to show us how much you love us.

As we look at this tree, we we think about Jesus’s birth and the eternal life he give us.

Bless this tree and help it to serve as a reminder of your Son’s birth.

May the gifts we place under this tree remind us of the many gifts you have given us.

We ask you to bless this home and watch over us during this holy season.


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