Ten Commandments Activity

Learning the Ten Commandments in order can be a challenge for younger children. Some children learn by doing. This simple Ten Commandments activity will help children who already have some knowledge of the Ten Commandments learn how to order them correctly.

This activity would be appropriate for home, for Sunday School or other catechesis, or for vacation bible school (VBS).

For a more challenging version of the game, add in some extra craft sticks with made up commandments. “Give to charity.” “Do your work.” “Obey your teachers.” Add them into the mix so the student must discard the ones which aren’t “real” commandments. You can also discuss which commandments really cover these made up directives.

If you want to make it a group game with a slightly competitive edge, make several sets and put them all together. Then each group must find a full set and order it correctly.


  • ten large craft sticks
  • pen or marker
  • timer


Write one of the Ten Commandments on each craft stick.

The Game

  1. Mix up the craft sticks and throw them on the table.
  2. Time the student while he or she places them in the correct order.
  3. Repeat, trying for a better time.

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