Yes No Game (Youth Group Game)

The Yes No game is a fun activity for your youth group or youth ministry meeting. It can be tied in with teaching by reminding us that we need to say “Yes” to God. It also works well with a meeting focused on our Blessed Mother, whose  “Fiat” (“let it be done”) in answer to the Angel Gabriel at the Annunciation was an affirmation in her complete trust in the Lord.

This is also a great icebreaker because the teens will be asking each other questions.

Yes No Game


  • One small candy bar or other token for each youth


  1. Set a timer for how long you want to play the game. 5 minutes for example.
  2. Give each person a piece of candy or some other token.
  3. The youth mingle and ask each other yes or no questions.
  4. If the person replies “No” to the question, they have to give all of the tokens in their possession to the person who asked the question.
  5. They can use a word or phase other than “No” to indicate a negative answer, but if the word “No” is in the answer at all, they must give up their tokens.
  6. People without tokens can continue to ask questions in order to try to gain them back.
  7. When time is up, the person with the most tokens wins.


Afterwards, talk about how automatic it is to use the word “No”.  What can we do to think about this response before using it?

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