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Thanks Be to God My Deliverer - A Prayer Based on Psalm 34

Psalm 34 is a prayer of thanksgiving which David prayed when God delivered him from his enemies.

This prayer based on Psalm 34 expresses this same sentiment. God delivers those who are weak and broken and powerless.

A printable copy of Thanks Be to God My Deliverer - A Prayer Based on Psalm 34 can be found at the bottom of this post.

Thanks Be to God My Deliverer - A Prayer Based on Psalm 34

I will never stop thanking you my God.
I will praise you all my life.
Those who are forgotten by the world will join me.
I want everyone to praise you.

When I prayed, you heard me call to you.
You rescued me when I was afraid.
My smile showed my joy.
You heard my cry and answered.

Your angels guard me.
Your love is so real that I taste and see it.
I don't just know you in my mind.
I experience your love.

Let us always remember your power.
You are glorious and provide for all my needs.
Even when I feel poor, I am rich,
For I have you caring for me.

Listen to me my friends.
I want you to understand how good God is.
Listen, and God will be with you also.

Do not gossip or tell lies.
Do what is right.
Seek peace and justice.
God notices our efforts.

God you defend us against evil.
You hear the cries of those who follow your laws.
When someone hurts us,
You are nearby and comfort us,
Even though we are discouraged.

Even good people experience difficulty and loss.
But you are with us Lord.
You do not want us to hurt.
You always comes to our rescue.

You are my redeemer.
I trust in you.


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