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Protection Dodge Ball

About Protection Dodgeball

Protection Dodge Ball is a game which reminds us how nice it is to have someone looking out for us. In this version of dodgeball, youth are grouped into pairs. One member of each pair tries to prevent their partner from being hit with a ball.

This game goes well with a discussion of intercessory prayer or community.

How to Play Protection Dodge Ball



  1. Choose three or four people to throw the dodge balls.
  2. Separate the rest of the group into pairs.
  3. Designate one person in each pair as the "protector" and the other person as the "protectee".
  4. Define an appropriately sized play area for your group.
  5. Have the throwers stand outside the play area and throw the balls at the pairs.
  6. The protectors should try to keep any balls from hitting their protectee. They may use their arms, body, legs, etc to stop the ball.
  7. If a protectee is hit with the ball, the pair is out.
  8. Continue playing for a set amount of time or until only one player is left.


Depending on the size and shape of your play area, you might need one or two collectors who collect the used balls and give them back to the throwers.

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