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Water Balloon Relay (Game for VBS or Church Camp)

Water Balloon Relay is a fun wet game for your Vacation Bible School or church camp. Have plenty of water balloons on hand! Your VBS kids will want to play this over and over again. It is a good game for any water or ocean or pirate or nautical based theme. Or a good game just because water balloons are fun!

Be prepared for this to get a little crazy when the kids are really tossing the balloons with their towels. That is part of the fun.

This game is probably to difficult for the really little preschool kids. Primary aged kids can do this at camp or VBS. For middle school or a high school youth ministry group, have them stand further apart to make it more challenging.

Water Balloon Relay


  • Towels – One for each pair of kids
  • Something to mark the starting point and the ending point so they don’t move closer together.


  • Water balloons – lots!!!!


  • Divide the group into two or more teams.
  • Line the teams of kids up in pairs and give each pair a towel.
  • Space the pairs apart between the start and the finish lines.
  • Give the first pair in line for each team a water balloon. Place it in their towel.
  • The teams must pass the balloon by flipping it from one towel to the next along the line.
  • If they touch a balloon with their hands, they must go back to the first pair in line and start over.
  • If a balloon lands on the ground, they must go back to the first pair in line and start over.
  • If the balloon breaks, start again at the beginning of the line with a new balloon.
  • The first team to get their balloon to the end of it’s line without breaking it wins.


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