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Mini Raft Craft (For VBS or Church Camp)

In this activity, youth make a tiny raft. This would go well with a Treasured VBS theme. It also is good for any lesson involving boats, such as Jesus walking on the water or St. Paul being shipwrecked.

Mini Raft Craft

This is both a craft and an activity. You can have the youth race against each other or you can keep it non-competitive and just let everyone show off their sailing skills.


  • kiddie pool


These are suggested materials. Use what you have available to you

Cargo – Need one per raft, choose something which fits your theme


  • Set up the pool and fill with water.
  • Give the youth the craft materials and instruct them to use them to build a raft which will be carrying a small cargo. Show them what the cargo will be.
  • When the rafts are complete, have them take turns testing how their raft carries the cargo.
  • If time permits, let them adjust their raft designs.


Youth may work on this activity individually or in small teams.


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