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Treasure Hunt (For VBS or Youth Group)

Treasure Hunt is a really easy activity to do either indoors or outdoors. And your older VBS or youth ministry students will enjoy it as much as the younger ones.

This is a fun option for for Treasured Vacation Bible School. And it works with social distancing.

For younger children hide the coins in places which are pretty easy to find. Make it more challenging for middle school Vacation Bible School. With this age group you can provide clues to some of the difficult locations to find.

Treasure Hunt Game for Treasured VBS



  • Hide the coins before the students arrive
  • Tell them they are on a treasure hunt. Give them the “boundaries” of their hunt area.
  • Let the hunting begin!
  • If you want to make it competitive, the student who finds the most coins wins.
  • Everyone gets to keep their chocolate.

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