Buried Treasure is a fun game for all ages. It works well for Vacation Bible School or youth ministry. Everyone enjoys playing in a sandbox! For older players, use smaller treasures to make them more difficult to find.

This would be a nice bonus game for Treasured VBS.

It can be played with two or more teams.

Note: The sandbox does not have to be an actual sandbox. A kiddie pool or even a shallow cardboard box will work. The treasure chest does not have to be an actual treasure chest. Use a bucket or a shoebox or something similar.

Buried Treasure Game


  • One sandbox for each team
  • One treasure chest for each team
  • Assorted “treasure” – wrapped candy, fake gold coins, fake jewels, inexpensive jewelry, small trinkets, etc.


  • Before the players arrive, fill the sandboxes with sand and bury the treasure.
  • Divide the players into teams.
  • Give each team their treasure chest and tell them to find as much treasure as possible in their sandbox.
  • At some point call “times up”.
  • Count each teams treasures.
  • The team with the most items in their treasure chest wins.
  • Let each team divide up their spoils. Have a few extra items on hand to ensure that each player gets an equal share.






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