Mutiny (Human Pinata Game for VBS or Youth Group)

Mutiny is a game which I have also heard called "human pinata". In this game, the little pirates chase around the captain and steal his candy. This is a great outdoor game for VBS or youth group. If you play this for a themed vacation bible school or youth ministry meeting, have the captain dress up if possible.

Mutiny Game (Human Pinata Game)


  • One foam pool noodle for each pirate (their swords)
  • One bag for each pirate to put his booty in
  • Plenty of candy


  1. Choose someone to be the captain. Often this is an adult or team leader.
  2. Give each of the pirates a foam pool noodle.
  3. Explain the rules and lay down the ground rules. Explain that the pirates are not allowed to beat the captain with their "swords", only tap him.
  4. Let the pirates chase the captain around.
  5. When they touch him with their pool noodle, the captain must stop, grab a handful of candy, and throw it up in the air.
  6. While the pirates are grabbing candy, the captain can run away again.
  7. This continues until the captain runs out of candy.
  8. Everyone gets to keep the candy they collected.
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