The Psalms are prayers which express a wide variety of emotions and which can be used to inspire our own prayers. This prayer of trust in God is based on Psalm 146, which speaks of depending on God about all other things.

Prayer of Trust in God

Based on Psalm 146

I will praise you forever my Lord!

There is nobody else whom I trust like you.
I love my family and friends
But even they make mistakes.
I trust you more than them.

Through the years you have shown
How very trustworthy you are.
You created this beautiful world.
You always care for your people.

You send help when I am hurting.
You provide me with everything I need.
You free me from my sins.
You show me the right way.
You give me strength when I feel weak.
You protect me and keep evil away from me.

I am so grateful for your love.
I will praise you forever my Lord!


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The psalms speak from the heart. They are meant to be prayed and sung. They are also honest and full of emotions.






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