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Litany of St. John the Baptist

About this Litany of St. John the Baptist

A litany is a prayer which includes requests and repetition. Usually a leader says the first part of a line and everyone responds with the second part.

In this Litany of St. John the Baptist, we ask this saint by his many titles and roles to pray for us so we can be more like him.

Litany of St. John the Baptist

Lord have mercy, … Lord have mercy.
Christ have mercy, … Christ have mercy.
Hear our prayer, … hear our prayer.

St. John the Baptist, … pray for us.
Prophet of the Most High, … pray for us.
Herald of God, … pray for us.
Forerunner of Jesus Christ, … pray for us.

Messenger foretold, … pray for us.
Child born to the elderly, … pray for us.
Leaping in the womb, … pray for us.
Witness of the Lord, … pray for us.

Great before God, … pray for us.
Greatest born of women, … pray for us.
Spirit filled man, … pray for us.
Speaker of the Good News, … pray for us.

Voice crying out in the wilderness, … pray for us.
Living simply, … pray for us.
Focused on your mission, … pray for us.
Preparing the way, … pray for us.

Baptizing and preaching, … pray for us.
Calling for repentance, … pray for us.
Recognizing Jesus, … pray for us.
Pointing to the Lamb of God, … pray for us.

Speaker of the truth, … pray for us.
Witness against power, … pray for us.
Upholder of the law, … pray for us.
Martyr of God, … pray for us.

We must decrease, … we must decrease.
Jesus must increase, … Jesus must increase.

Lamb of God, … take away our sins.
Lamb of God, … grant us peace.
Hear our prayer, … hear our prayer.

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