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Praise God All Day - A Prayer Based on Psalm 92

A Prayer Based on Psalm 92

This prayer based on Psalm 92 reminds us to praise God all day long - from morning to night. He is the source of our joy.

Praise God All Day

Based on Psalm 92

It is good to praise and thank you all day.
When I wake up, I know of your love.
At the end of my day, I see all you have done for me.

Some people don't seem to know that you are always near.
They go through their routines without even noticing you.
Why are they so blind?

They don't treat others with care.
Their words bite and hurt.
But they themselves only know pain in the end.
True friendship is out of their reach.

I sense your presence and I am strong.
You guide me and teach me.
When I follow you, I know love and joy.
It is good to praise and thank you all day.


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