This is a small collection of video clips and music about authenticity and being your true self. Use these with your youth ministry or youth group meeting. If you have suggestions for additional clips or songs, please leave them in the comments at the bottom.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: The Real You

This might be my favorite clip about being yourself. It is entertaining but also gets to the point. Only downside is that there is no mention of God. But it makes a good introduction to the topic.

Your Identity In Christ

This is a very brief clip about how we answer the question “Who am I?” Do we try to answer that based on our own view of ourselves, how others see us, or how God sees us?

A Christian Inspirational Message to Be Yourself

This is a very short clip. The message is simple. Take off your mask and be yourself.

Mandisa: What If We Were Real

This is a music video. The focus of this song is on being yourself: “Well, I’m tired of saying everything; I feel like I’m supposed to say; I’m tired of smiling all the time; I wanna throw the mask away.”

MercyMe: Beautiful

This song has a positive focus on God’s love for us. “You’re beautiful;; You are treasured, you are sacred; You are His; You’re beautiful;

Natalie Grant: The Real Me

Natalie Grant wrote this touching song after struggling with bulimia. “But You see the real me; Hiding in my skin, broken from within; Unveil me completely. “






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