Prayer to Be My True Self

This is a prayer inspired by Psalm 139.  Use it for your youth ministry meeting or youth group activity focused on authenticity and being your true self. This is a good lesson for teens who are feeling overwhelmed by the need to be popular.

I wrote this prayer. You are free to copy this prayer as long as you include a link to this page or the home page in any printed or electronic version.

Download a printable copy of Prayer To Be My True Self

Prayer to Be My True Self

Father, you know me better than anyone else.
You know me better than myself.
You know what I am going to say before I say it.
You love me exactly as I am.

You created me in my mother’s womb.
You made me the way I am for a purpose – your purpose.
You had a plan for me before I was even born.
And you love me exactly as I am.

Sometimes I want to run and hide my true self.
Sometimes I don’t want people to see the real me.
But you are always with me wherever I go,
Loving me exactly as I am.

Father, please grant me the courage to be the real me.
Help me to be the child you dreamed I would be.
With your help I can be myself,
Because you love me exactly as I am.







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