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A Prayer of Thanksgiving - Based on Psalm 67

This prayer expresses gratitude to God for all of the blessings in our lives. It is based on Psalm 67.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Based on Psalm 67

God, let your light shine upon us,
Your bright face bring us gladness and hope.

Then all of the world will see your goodness.
All people will rejoice and sing your praise.

May all of the nations serve you.
They shall trust your fairness and justice.
Your will must guide the world.

Let your goodness shine through me,
So that everyone will rejoice and sing your praise.

You have given us so many blessings.
We will praise you forever.


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About the Psalms

The psalms speak from the heart. They are meant to be prayed and sung. They are also honest and full of emotions.

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