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Emmaus Walk Activity for Youth Ministry

This Emmaus Walk activity is a wonderful way for youth ministry groups to come together and grow in their faith, even in a shorter amount of time. In a two-hour setting, participants can engage in a variety of activities designed to facilitate connection with others, as well as deepen their relationship with God.

At its core, this Emmaus Walk activity for youth ministry is about building community and developing a deeper understanding of what it means to be a Christian. Participants can expect to engage in fun, engaging activities that help them connect with others who share their faith, such as icebreakers, games, and small group discussions.

One of the key components of the Emmaus Walk activity for youth ministry is sharing personal testimonies. This allows participants to share their experiences with God and how their faith has impacted their lives, while also learning from the experiences of others in the group. This can be a powerful way for youth to connect with one another and grow in their faith.

Another important aspect of the Emmaus Walk activity for youth ministry is prayer and reflection. Participants are encouraged to spend time in prayer and reflection, allowing them to connect with God and deepen their relationship with Him. This can be a transformative experience, helping youth to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their faith.

Overall, this Emmaus Walk activity for youth ministry is a powerful way for young people to come together and grow in their faith, even in a shorter amount of time. Whether you are looking to connect with others in your faith community or simply want to deepen your own personal relationship with God, the mini-Emmaus activity can be a fun, engaging, and transformative experience for youth.

How to Conduct an Emmaus Walk Activity

This is for a two hour time frame. Adjust to fit your own time.

  1. Begin by welcoming everyone and introducing yourself. Make sure to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  2. Engage everyone in a fun icebreaker game or activity. This will help break the ice and get everyone comfortable with each other.
  3. Lead a discussion about the importance of faith and how it can impact our lives. Ask participants to share their personal experiences with faith and how it has affected them.
  4. Lead a discussion about the importance of prayer and reflection in our spiritual lives. Ask participants to share their own experiences with prayer and how it helps them connect with God.
  5. Break the group into pairs. Ask the pairs to share their own personal testimony about their relationship with God with each other. If possible, have them do this while walking outdoors. Encourage active listening and supportive feedback.
  6. Have everyone spend some time in prayer and reflection. Provide prompts or suggestions for things to focus on during this time.
  7. Break into small groups to discuss the experience. Here are some reflection questions:
    • What was your favorite part of the Emmaus Walk activity? Why?
    • How did you connect with others in your faith community during the Emmaus Walk activity?
    • What did you learn about yourself and your faith during the Emmaus Walk activity?
    • How did participating in personal testimonies impact your understanding of faith and spirituality?
    • How did prayer and reflection impact your connection with God during the Emmaus Walk activity?
    • In what ways did the Emmaus Walk activity deepen your relationship with God?
    • What will you take away from this experience and how will it impact your spiritual journey moving forward?
  8. Conclude by summarizing the key themes of the Emmaus Walk activity. These are community, faith, personal testimony, and prayer. Encourage participants to continue growing in their faith. Provide resources or suggestions for ways to continue their spiritual journey at your parish.

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