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Saturday of the 14th Week in Ordinary Time

Saturday July 13, 2024

Daily Mass Readings for Saturday of the 14th Week in Ordinary Time

Cycle 1 is used in odd numbered years and Cycle 2 is used in even numbered years. The gospel is the same for both years.

  • First Reading (Cycle 1) - Genesis 49:29-32; 50:15-26a: Despite his brothers' wrongdoings, Joseph forgives them, assuring their care. He sees generations of his family, predicts God's aid to his brothers, and requests his bones be taken from Egypt.
  • First Reading (Cycle 2) - Isaiah 6:1-8: In a vision, Isaiah sees the Lord and Seraphim, hears them proclaim God's holiness, and laments his uncleanliness. A seraphim purges his sin, and Isaiah responds to God's call, willing to be sent.
  • Responsorial Psalm (Cycle 1) - Psalm 105: The faithful are urged to thank the Lord, share His works, sing praises, and find joy in His name. As Abraham's descendants, they're reminded of God's ever-prevailing justice.
  • Responsorial Psalm (Cycle 2) - Psalm 93: The Lord, king and robed in splendor, has established a solid, unmovable world. His eternal throne and trustworthy decrees illustrate His holiness, enduring through all days.
  • Gospel - Matthew 10:24-33: Jesus encourages His disciples not to fear those who oppose them or threaten harm, assuring them that the truth will ultimately be revealed. He reminds them of God's care and knowledge, emphasizing the importance of boldly proclaiming His message, even in the face of adversity. Jesus assures them that acknowledging Him before others will lead to their acknowledgment before God, while denying Him will have dire consequences.

Themes for the Daily Mass Readings for Saturday of the 14th Week in Ordinary Time

  • Discipleship and Identification with Jesus: Jesus tells His disciples that they should expect to be treated as He is treated, emphasizing the shared identity and mission between Jesus and His followers.
  • Fearlessness and Trust in God: Jesus encourages His disciples not to fear those who can harm the body but to fear God, who holds ultimate authority over both body and soul. He emphasizes the need for unwavering trust in God's protection and care.
  • Divine Providence and Care: Jesus assures His disciples that God cares for them intimately, highlighting His knowledge of even the smallest details of their lives and His providential care for their well-being.
  • Open Confession of Faith: Jesus urges His disciples to openly acknowledge Him before others, emphasizing the importance of boldly proclaiming their faith in Him despite the potential consequences.
  • Perseverance and Endurance: Jesus prepares His disciples for the challenges they will face, assuring them that God will vindicate them in the end. He encourages them to remain faithful, even in the face of persecution and betrayal.
  • God's Knowledge and Recognition: Jesus reminds His disciples that God sees and recognizes their faithfulness, prom

Thoughts for Saturday of the 14th Week in Ordinary Time

In the Gospel for Saturday of the 14th week in Ordinary Time, Jesus encourages his disciples by reminding them of the relationship between a teacher and his students, and a master and his servants. He tells them that if he, the master, has been accused and slandered, they can expect similar treatment as his followers.

Jesus reassures his disciples not to be afraid of those who oppose them, for nothing hidden will remain concealed forever. He encourages them to boldly proclaim what they have learned and received from him, without fear of the consequences. He reminds them that they should fear God, who has power over both the physical body and the eternal soul.

Jesus uses the example of sparrows, emphasizing that even these seemingly insignificant creatures are under the watchful care of the Father. He reassures his disciples that if God takes such care of small birds, how much more does he care for them as his beloved children. Jesus affirms their worth and assures them of God's loving attention, even to the smallest details of their lives.

He then presents a choice to his disciples—to acknowledge or disown him before others. Those who acknowledge him will be acknowledged by Jesus before the Father in heaven, while those who disown him will be disowned by Jesus before the Father.

As we reflect on this passage, we are reminded of the challenges we may face as followers of Christ. We may encounter opposition, ridicule, and rejection for our faith. Yet, Jesus calls us to be bold, unafraid to speak the truth and live out our faith in the open. He assures us of God's loving care and the eternal worth we hold in his eyes.

May this passage encourage us to stand firm in our faith, even in the face of adversity. Let us trust in God's provision, knowing that he watches over us and values us greatly. May we boldly proclaim Jesus before others, acknowledging him as our Lord and Savior, and finding comfort in the assurance that he will acknowledge us before the Father in heaven.

Prayer for Saturday of the 14th Week in Ordinary Time

Loving Father, we come before you in awe of your care and watchfulness over us, as even the smallest details of our lives are known to you. Help us to embrace a fearless faith, knowing that you hold us in the palm of your hand. Strengthen our hearts to boldly proclaim your truth, even in the face of adversity, and grant us the assurance that our worth is found in you alone. Amen.

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Homilies and Reflections for Saturday of the 14th Week in Ordinary Time

Word on Fire: Fearless Souls

In this reflection for Saturday of the 14th Week in Ordinary Time, Bishop Robert Barron reflects on the Gospel passage where Jesus encourages his disciples not to fear those who can only harm the body but not the soul. He emphasizes that through our connection to the creative source of existence, we find safety and protection in the divine realm. This understanding calls for a shift in perspective. Rather than constantly defending ourselves and focusing on worldly concerns, we are invited to live from the divine center. By embracing this spiritual freedom, we can expand beyond self-centeredness and align ourselves with God's will. Bishop Barron acknowledges that this way of life is both captivating in its beauty and challenging in its demands.

USCCB Reflection: Living Fearlessly for Our Faith

In this USCCB video reflection for Saturday of the 14th week in Ordinary Time, we are reminded not to be afraid of the challenges and opposition we may encounter while living and defending our faith. Emphasizing the importance of acknowledging Jesus before others, the reflection encourages us to find courage and strength in our relationship with God, aligning every aspect of our lives with the self-sacrificial love of Christ. Through our baptism and the grace found in the sacraments, we are called to live fearlessly, confidently proclaiming and embodying our faith in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions for Saturday of the 14th Week in Ordinary Time

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