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Spend Some Time in Adoration

Adoration is a beautiful Catholic tradition that has really grown in recent years. What a beautiful way to pray - in the presence of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament!

So I suggest you spend some time in adoration during this holy season of Lent. If you are fortunate, your parish offers regular adoration times. Ours does Monday through Friday from 9am to midnight.  This means that not only the adorers who are scheduled for the times can participate in adoration, but others can just "drop in", whether for a whole hour or just for a few minutes.

If your parish does not offer adoration, chances are that some other parish in your area does. Check with your parish office to see if they are aware of any opportunities. Or check with your diocese.

I have been a weekly adorer for ten years now. I can say that adoration does make a difference in my life. Spending an hour each week just being quiet in the Lord's presence and listening has helped me in so many ways. When I am distressed, Jesus helps me sort out what I should do. When I am not, then I am just happy to be there with my Lord.

The prayer of adoration is the prayer that makes us recognize God as the beginning and the end of all of History. And this prayer is the living flame of the Spirit that gives strength to witness and to mission.

Pope Francis

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