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Prayer for Pope Francis, Our Holy Father

One person who often requests our prayers is our Holy Father, Pope Francis.  In fact, his very first Instagram post was simply captioned “Pray for me”.

In addition for praying for Pope Francis as the leader of our Church, you can also pray for his monthly prayer intentions.

A suggested prayer is given below. The simple language in this makes it appropriate for all ages, even young children.

Prayer for Our Holy Father

God our Father, please watch over our Holy Father on earth, Pope Francis.
Keep him safe from harm.
Protect him from evil.

Jesus our Good Shepherd, show him the right path to follow.
Hold him in your loving care.
Let him follow your example in leading your flock.

Holy Spirit, please guide Pope Francis.
Inspire him to teach through his example of service.
Grant him the courage to speak the truth.
Give him your guidance every day.


More Resources

Pope Francis Five Finger Prayer

Pope Francis’ Five Finger Prayer

Pope Francis’ Five Finger Prayer is a prompt for praying. Each finger reminds us of people we should remember in petition. A printable PDF with a diagram and instructions is also provided in this article.

Follow Pope Francis on Twitter

Did you know Pope Francis tweets almost every day on Twitter? Follow him for daily inspiration and then share his messages with others on your own social media outlets. If you don’t usually share inspirational messages, this might be outside of your comfort zone, but try it anyway. This is a form of evangelization. You will be spreading a message our world needs to hear.

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