Follow the Holy Father on Twitter

Did you know Pope Francis tweets almost every day on Twitter? Follow him for daily inspiration and then share his messages with others on your own social media outlets. If you don’t usually share inspirational messages, this might be outside of your comfort zone, but try it anyway. This is a form of evangelization. You will be spreading a message our world needs to hear.

Pope Francis’ handle is @Pontifex. Here are some of his tweets:

When we allow Jesus to enter our lives we discover the secret to keeping alive the flame of our spiritual life.

Living the encounter with Jesus means allowing yourself to be turned inside out by Grace every day.

What would happen to us if God did not always give us the chance to start over again?

If we dedicate more time to prayer, our hearts will reveal the lies with which we deceive ourselves, and we will find true consolation in God.

In the Sacrament of Reconciliation we find our way back to the Lord, and rediscover the meaning of life.






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