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Make a Prayer Rock

A prayer rock is a simple way to remember to pray each day. Parents can lay them on their children’s pillows so they remember to pray. Teens can keep them in their backpacks or lockers. Anyone can put them on a desk or carry a small one in a pocket or purse.

The first step is to make the rocks. This would be a great family activity or VBS craft or youth ministry activity. We have done these in Vacation Bible School and in youth group. They are also a nice give to make for shut ins.

You can also use this concept without doing the craft. There are lots of printed prayer rocks available, like these colorful scripture glass stones. Use those with the prayers below.

Prayer Rock Craft

This craft is a reminder to take a little time out of the day to pray. Keep one in your purse or backpack so you remember to pray during the day. Or put it on your pillow so you remember to pray before you go to sleep.


  • Smooth stones one per person
  • Paint pens assorted colors


  • Wash and dry the stones to remove any residue.
  • Use the paint pens to write the word “pray” or another inspirational word on the rock.
  • Add additional decorations such as a cross or line drawing or a smiley face.
  • Let the paint on the prayer rock dry.


If you like you can include this a poem on a card with them. Here are two different versions.

Prayer Rock Poem Version 1

(look further down for printable PDF)

I’m just a little prayer rock,
And this is what I’ll do:
Put me on your pillow,
Until the day is through.
Then turn back the covers,
Climb into bed with care,
And you will find your prayer rock sitting right there.
You will then remember
To fold your hands in prayer.
Ask that God will bless you,
And keep you in God’s care.
– Author Unknown

Prayer Rock Poem Version 2

(look further down for printable PDF)

I’m your little prayer rock.
I’ll sit upon your bed.
It’s my job to remind you
When your prayers should be said.
When you put me on your pillow
As you make your bed each day.
Remember when you hold me
To take the time to pray.
Then when you go to bed at night
And put me on the floor,
Remember to take the time to kneel
And say your prayers once more.
– Author Unknown  

A Prayer to God My Rock Psalm18

A Prayer to God My Rock – Based on Psalm 18

This prayer to God My Rock is a prayer of thanksgiving. No matter what we are going through in life, God is there to support us. It would also go well with this activity.

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  1. Sandy McDowell Avatar
    Sandy McDowell

    Prayer rock poem version 2 is the same as version 1 when trying to print. Is it possible to get the version 2 so I can print it. Thanks

    1. Young Catholics Avatar

      Thanks for letting us know. It is fixed now.

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