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Prayer to God My Hope in Time of Fear (Based on Psalm 30)

About this Prayer Based on Psalm 30

Sometimes we are overcome by fear. We think we can handle it ourselves. But eventually we find that we need God's grace. And when we turn to Him, he does not disappoint.

Prayer to God My Hope in Time of Fear

Based on Psalm 30

Praise to you Father.
When I am afraid, you are with me.
You are never far from me when I call out to you.
Everyone should know this and praise you.

Sometimes I feel so hurt and alone.
I know you can heal my wounds.
You show me mercy when I sin.
You rejoice when I return to you.

Then I feel like I am on top of the world.
When you are with me I feel know fear.
I know you love me and rescue me.

But then I forget you and go astray.
The fear builds up in me again.

I cry "Help me! Save me Lord! I am lost!"

But then I sense your presence again.
The anxiety leaves me.
Instead of being frightened
I dance for joy because you have rescued me.

Praise be to you God my Father.
You drive away my sadness.
I will always praise you.

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