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Lenten Activities: Pray through a Loving Action

A loving act of service can be a prayer. Try doing some loving actions this Lent. This can be powerful prayer, especially if the action is difficult for you.

For example, my grandmother had dementia. One of the things she really wanted to continue to do was to go to the grocery store and pick out a few items for herself. Even though the family kept her supplied in food, she really missed the independence of looking at the items on the shelves and picking out what she wanted.

So I would take her. At first I got really frustrated. She couldn't decide. (Did I mention she had dementia?) We would spend 30 minutes looking at the cookies before she decided what she wanted. After an hour in the store we only had three items to show for our time.

But then I realized this was really a shopping trip with Jesus. This was a way to spend some time with the Lord. He showed me that my time is not my own. It belongs to him.

Once I turned the shopping trip into a prayer, it became a much better experience for both of us. I stopped thinking of it as a mission to get groceries. Instead it was a chance to spend some time with Jesus.

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