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First Reading for the Monday of the 3rd Week in Ordinary Time

Hebrews 9:15, 24-28

Summary: Christ mediates a new covenant, offering His death for liberation from past transgressions, promising eternal inheritance. Unlike earthly priests, He entered heaven once for all, securing salvation for the awaiting.

Christ's Mediatorial Sacrifice

Christ is mediator of a new covenant: since a death has taken place for deliverance from transgressions under the first covenant, those who are called may receive the promised eternal inheritance.

For Christ did not enter into a sanctuary made by hands, a copy of the true one, but heaven itself, that he might now appear before God on our behalf. Not that he might offer himself repeatedly, as the high priest enters each year into the sanctuary with blood that is not his own; if that were so, he would have had to suffer repeatedly from the foundation of the world.

But now once for all he has appeared at the end of the ages to take away sin by his sacrifice. Just as it is appointed that human beings die once, and after this the judgment, so also Christ, offered once to take away the sins of many, will appear a second time, not to take away sin but to bring salvation to those who eagerly

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