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First Reading for the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B

Jeremiah 31:7-9

Summary: The LORD promises to bring back the remnant of Israel from the north, comforting and guiding them as a father, ensuring a safe return for all, including the vulnerable.

The Lord's Promise of Restoration

Thus says the LORD:

Shout with joy for Jacob, exult at the head of the nations; proclaim your praise and say: The LORD has delivered his people, the remnant of Israel.

Behold, I will bring them back from the land of the north; I will gather them from the ends of the world, with the blind and the lame in their midst, the mothers and those with child; they shall return as an immense throng.

They departed in tears, but I will console them and guide them; I will lead them to brooks of water, on a level road, so that none shall stumble.

For I am a father to Israel, Ephraim is my first-born.

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