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Pathway to Change Game Instructions

Objective: This engaging and reflective game serves as an icebreaker and introduces the theme of repentance and transformation in a fun, interactive manner.

Materials Needed:

  • A large open space (indoors or outdoors)
  • Tape or chalk to mark start and finish lines
  • Obstacle course materials (cones, ropes, chairs, etc.)
  • Index cards with reflective questions and actions related to the theme of repentance and belief


  1. Create a simple obstacle course that participants must navigate. The course should include a start and finish line, with various obstacles placed in between.
  2. At various points in the obstacle course, place index cards with reflective questions or actions that tie back to the themes of repentance, change, and belief. Examples of actions/questions include:
  • Name one thing you would like to change about your approach to challenges.
  • Perform a gesture of letting go of a bad habit and then jump over the hurdle.
  • Before passing this point, share a belief you hold strongly about kindness.
  • Reflect on a time you showed forgiveness. Mimic a gesture of forgiveness, then proceed
  • Identify a virtue you wish to cultivate more deeply in your life. Share it, then balance on one foot for 10 seconds as a symbol of stability.
  • Think of a moment when you felt close to God. Share your experience, then quietly walk to the next station, contemplating that closeness.
  • Recall a situation where you needed patience. Describe it briefly, then crawl under a rope as a reminder of the humility and patience required in life.
  • Share a personal challenge and how you intend to overcome it with God's help. After sharing, leap over a small gap to symbolize the leap of faith needed.
  • Consider a time you were a peacemaker. Navigate through a series of cones, symbolizing the path of peace.
  • Name a fear you want to overcome with faith. Announce it, then walk blindfolded for a short distance, guided by a teammate, to symbolize trust in God
  • Reflect on a scripture that inspires you to change. Share it, then pass a ball to each team member, symbolizing the sharing of God's Word.
  • Think of a way you can show more love to others. Share your idea, then give a team member a supportive pat on the back as a sign of encouragement.
  • Choose a saint you admire for their transformation in Christ. Share why, then carry a flameless candle to the next station, representing carrying their example with you.


  1. Divide the group into small teams.
  2. Explain the objective: to navigate the obstacle course, reflecting on the prompts at each station before moving on. The goal is to foster teamwork and self-reflection on the journey towards change.
  3. Teams take turns running the course. Each team member must complete a station before the team can move on to the next one.
  4. After all teams have completed the course, gather everyone for a brief discussion. Ask participants to share any insights or feelings about the obstacles and reflections encountered during the game.

Discussion Points Post-Game:

  • How did it feel to face and overcome the obstacles in the course?
  • Were there any reflections at the stations that particularly struck you? Why?
  • How can the idea of navigating obstacles relate to our spiritual journey, especially during Lent?

This game not only warms up the participants physically but also mentally prepares them for the deeper discussions on repentance and belief that will follow in the lesson. It emphasizes the notion that the path to becoming closer to Jesus often involves navigating challenges and reflecting on our beliefs and actions.

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