We know God sustains us and cares for us. This is a prayer based on Psalm 145, which expressed praise to God for the way he watches over us.

When we are weary and spent and lost, God sustains us through the Eucharist and through holy scripture. He also cares for us through the people around us. By drawing us into the community of the Church, He provides for us.

A printable copy of the prayer God Sustains Us can be found at the bottom of this post.

God Sustains Us – A Prayer of Thanksgiving and Praise

Based on Psalm 145

Praise to you, God.
You feed me and keep me safe.
I will always praise you.

You are beyond my understanding.
Yet you see me and notice me.

Throughout all history, you have been saving us.
All of the ages have seen your generosity.

I am overcome with joy when I think about you.
You are merciful and just.

Why do you pay such attention to me?
I feel so small compared to you.

When I am in trouble, you are near.
You show such compassion to me.

You provide for all my needs.
You sustain me when I am weak.

You hear me when I pray.
You restore me when I am weary.

Praise be to you God my Father.
You sustain me and care for me.
I will always praise you.


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