Eternal Dodge Ball – A Silly Game that Never Ends

Eternal Dodge Ball is a game that never ends. Every time somebody gets out by getting hit with the ball, someone has a chance to return to the game. Unless you have one really dominant player, this game will go on and on and on for an eternity!

Eternal Dodge Ball (A Game that Never Ends)



  1. Spread the players evenly around the play area. There are no teams.
  2. Throw the ball at other players and try to hit them, just like in regular dodge ball.
  3. You cannot move more than three steps when throwing the ball. If you move more than that, your throw doesn’t count if you hit someone.
  4. If you are hit, you must sit down where you are. You cannot thrown any balls at anyone.
  5. Catching a ball is the same as being hit. You must sit down.
  6. When you are hit, pay attention to who threw the ball which hit you. When that person is hit, they are out, but you get to stand up again and continue playing.
  7. When finished giving instructions, throw the balls into the play area.
  8. Play and play and play. Unless one person manages to hit all of the other players, the game will never end.


You might find it helpful to mark where they should stand with some masking tape. They need to return to that position after retrieving or throwing a ball.

This game is the starter for Does It Last? A Timely Lesson Plan on the Eucharist.






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