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Eternal Dodge Ball - A Silly Game that Never Ends

In the world of youth ministry, there is a game that captures the essence of eternity - Eternal Dodge Ball. This game, as the name suggests, never ends, providing a unique and engaging experience for participants.

Eternal Dodge Ball is played with a set of dodge balls, preferably soft and no-sting balls to ensure safety. The objective of the game is simple: players throw the ball at each other, aiming to hit their opponents, just like in regular dodge ball. However, there are a few rules that make this game different and everlasting.

To set up the game, spread the players evenly around the play area, without forming teams. Each player has the freedom to move around, but there is a limit - you cannot move more than three steps when throwing the ball. If you exceed this limit, your throw won't count if you hit someone.

When a player is hit, they must sit down where they are and cannot throw any balls at others. Catching a ball is also considered being hit, and the player must sit down. However, there is a twist - when you are hit, remember who threw the ball that hit you. When that person is hit, they are out, and you get to stand up again and continue playing.

Once the instructions are given, the balls are thrown into the play area, and the game begins. The beauty of Eternal Dodge Ball lies in its never-ending nature. Unless one person manages to hit all the other players, the game will continue indefinitely, creating a sense of eternity.

Eternal Dodge Ball not only provides endless entertainment but also serves as a valuable tool for teaching ministry lessons on eternity. Through this game, youth can grasp the concept of eternity and its implications in a fun and interactive way. So gather your dodge balls and get ready for a game that never ends!

Gameplay Dynamics

One of the unique aspects of Eternal Dodge Ball is its ability to last indefinitely. Unlike traditional dodge ball games that have a set time limit or a specific number of rounds, this game can continue as long as there are players willing to participate. This endless nature adds an element of excitement and unpredictability to the game, keeping players engaged and eager to continue playing.

A key twist in Eternal Dodge Ball is the opportunity for players who have been hit to return to the game. When a player is hit, they must sit down and are temporarily out of the game. However, they have the chance to rejoin the game when the person who hit them is subsequently hit. This twist not only keeps the game going but also adds a strategic element as players must be mindful of who hit them and who they need to target to get back in the game.

The combination of the game's indefinite duration and the chance for players to return creates a dynamic and thrilling experience. It encourages players to strategize, adapt, and persevere, as they never know when they might be able to rejoin the action. This aspect of Eternal Dodge Ball adds an extra layer of excitement and challenge, making it a game that players can enjoy for hours on end.

How it Relates to Ministry Lessons

The never-ending nature of Eternal Dodge Ball not only makes it an exciting game but also provides valuable lessons that can be applied to ministry. The continuous gameplay can serve as an energizer for participants, keeping their enthusiasm and engagement high throughout the activity. This can be particularly beneficial in ministry settings where maintaining the attention and interest of individuals can be challenging.

Furthermore, the concept of the game's endlessness can be linked to topics such as heaven and eternity. By playing a game that has no set time limit or conclusion, participants can experience a glimpse of the infinite nature of these spiritual concepts. This can spark discussions and reflections on the eternal nature of God's love and the hope of everlasting life. This game is the starter for Does It Last? A Timely Lesson Plan on the Eucharist.

In addition, the opportunity for players to return to the game after being hit can teach valuable lessons about forgiveness and second chances. Just as players are given the chance to rejoin the game, ministry participants can learn about the power of forgiveness and the importance of offering others the opportunity to start anew.

Eternal Dodge Ball (A Game that Never Ends)



The objective is to throw the ball at other players and try to hit them, just like in regular dodge ball. However, the endless nature adds unpredictability to the game, making it a fun experience for all involved.


  1. To start the game, spread the players evenly around the play area, as there are no teams in Eternal Dodge Ball.
  2. First, when throwing the ball, you cannot move more than three steps. If you move beyond that, your throw doesn't count if you hit someone. This rule adds an element of strategy and forces players to think strategically about their positioning.
  3. If you are hit by a ball, you must sit down where you are and cannot throw any balls at anyone. Similarly, catching a ball is considered being hit, and you must also sit down.
  4. Here's where the twist comes in. When you are hit, pay attention to who threw the ball that hit you. When that person is subsequently hit, they are out of the game, but you get to stand up again and continue playing. This rule keeps the game going and gives players a chance to get back in the action.
  5. Once the instructions are given, throw the balls into the play area and let the game begin.
  6. The beauty of Eternal Dodge Ball is that it can go on indefinitely unless one person manages to hit all of the other players.

Tips for Facilitators

To effectively manage an ongoing game of Eternal Dodge Ball and keep participants engaged, there are a few key tips to consider. Firstly, it can be helpful to mark designated positions on the playing area using masking tape. This ensures that players have a clear reference point to return to after retrieving or throwing a ball, maintaining order and minimizing confusion.

Additionally, as a facilitator, it's important to encourage active participation and create a positive atmosphere. Provide clear instructions and rules at the beginning of the game, and offer reminders throughout to keep everyone on track. Be attentive to any conflicts or issues that may arise and address them promptly, promoting fair play and sportsmanship.

By implementing these tips, facilitators can effectively manage the game and create an engaging experience for all participants.


The game of Eternal Dodge Ball offers numerous benefits in youth ministry settings. By engaging in this exciting and interactive game, participants not only have fun but also learn important life lessons.

One of the key benefits of Eternal Dodge Ball is the opportunity for physical activity. In a world where many young people spend a significant amount of time indoors and sedentary, this game provides a chance to get moving and be active. It promotes physical fitness and encourages participants to develop their coordination, agility, and reflexes.

Furthermore, Eternal Dodge Ball fosters teamwork and cooperation. The game requires players to work together, strategize, and communicate effectively in order to outmaneuver their opponents. This promotes a sense of unity and camaraderie among participants, helping to build strong relationships and a supportive community within the youth ministry.

In addition, the game teaches important values such as sportsmanship, fairness, and resilience. Participants learn to win graciously and lose with dignity, understanding that the outcome of a game does not define their worth. They also develop resilience as they face challenges and setbacks, learning to persevere and bounce back from defeat.

Overall, Eternal Dodge Ball offers a unique way to connect ministry lessons with an engaging and dynamic game. It provides opportunities for participants to experience the never-ending nature of God's love, reflect on eternal concepts, and learn valuable lessons about forgiveness and second chances.

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Eternal Dodge Ball is a fun and engaging game that can be played in youth ministry settings. Games like this offer numerous benefits, including physical activity, teamwork, and character development. By incorporating games into their programs, youth ministries can create an environment that promotes growth, learning, and positive relationships among young people.

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