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Simon Says with a Twist - The Balloon Edition

Everyone knows how to play Simon Says. This game is Simon Says with a twist!

This game goes well with any lesson on authority or magisterium. How well do you listen to instructions? Why is is sometimes difficult to respect Church teachings? When is it appropriate to not submit to authority?

Simon Says with a Twist - The Balloon Edition



  1. Divide the group into pairs.
  2. Give each pair a balloon. They should blow it up and tie it.
  3. Each pair must stand back to back with the balloon between them.
  4. A leader gives a typical Simon Says instruction, either starting with "Simon Says" or not:
    • Pat your head.
    • Stand on your right foot.
    • Jump once.
    • Have a dance party.
    • etc.
  5. Determine who is out after each instruction:
    • Any pair who does not respond to an instruction which started with "Simon Says"
    • Any pair who responded to an instruction which did not start with "Simon Says"
    • Any pair which touches their balloon with their hands
    • Any pair whose balloon falls to the ground
  6. Continue playing until only one pair is left.


For an additional twist, use helium balloons. Pairs must not let them float away.

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