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Lost on a Deserted Island Icebreaker

Lost on a Deserted Island is a fun icebreaker for VBS or youth ministry. Our Vacation Bible School program includes a middle school age group. For this group we create our own program. We always start the first day with some simple teambuilding activities like this one.

Lost on a Deserted Island Icebreaker

Explain that each of the participants is stranded alone on a deserted island. He or she must choose one item they can have and why they would choose to have that object.

Depending on the group, sometimes it helps to start with a few rules. Here are some suggestions, but you can alter them or add your own also:

  1. You are on a desert island. It is small enough that you have explored the whole island and you cannot escape.
  2. There are plenty of fruit trees and fresh water. (You will not starve or die of thirst)
  3. You cannot choose a magical item.
  4. You cannot choose something to get you off the island, like a boat.
  5. You must choose something you actually own.
  6. It must be an object, not a living being.
  7. Specify a size, such as it must fit in a shoebox.

For an added twist, have each person name the item the people before them chose.

Other Resources

Treasure Islands

This is a more active game, with players moving from one island to another. It is similar to musical chairs.

Island Tug of War

This is also an active island themed game. Participants try to pull each other off of their “islands”.

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