Water Transfer Team Building Game

Water Transfer game is a wet silly game for VBS or youth ministry. It also builds team spirit because group members need to work together to determine the best strategy to move their water.  It would work well for middle school Vacation Bible School, as a camp game, or as a youth group icebreaker.

Team members are given a variety of materials to move the water from one end of the field to the other. First team to fill their bucket at the finish line wins. You can play with two or more teams.

You will need to have a hose ready at the starting line to keep the start containers of water full. Most of that water isn’t going to make it to the finish line!

To make this game even more challenging, punch a small hole in the end of each of the target buckets so that they are constantly dribbling water.

Water Transfer Team Building Game

Be creative with the items you provide to carry the water. Have plenty so they have a choice and can try different methods.


  • One kiddie pool or other large container for each team
  • One large bucket for each team
  • Hose to fill up starting containers

Items for each team to transfer the water

  • sponges
  • bandanas
  • smaller plastic buckets with holes in them
  • other items


  1. Divide the group into teams of about five people each.
  2. Place the pool or large containers at one end of the field and the large buckets at the other end.
  3. Fill each team’s starting container. This might need to be refilled during the game.
  4. Each team must use whatever is available to them to move water from the starting container to the large bucket at the other end.
  5. They must all be connected in some way while moving down the field. For example, they can all hold on to the sponge, or they can be holding on to each other’s shoulders or holding hands. If one team member becomes disconnected they have to go back to the start.
  6. The first team to fill their bucket at the end of the field wins.






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