Walk the Plank is a game for Vacation Bible School or a youth ministry meeting.  This will be difficult for younger children but it would be appropriate for middle school VBS or youth group. It has a problem solving and team building aspect to it which tweens and teens will enjoy.

In this game, teams move down the playing area on two boards. They have to figure out how to move the boards without anyone falling off. This takes a lot of cooperation. Another version of this game involves looping ropes around the boards to let the players lift the boards and move them.

Turn it into a race if you want to, but it is not necessary. Just moving from one end of the play area to another is a victory.

Walk the Plank Game

Most teams will all get on one board, move the other, and then get on the board they just moved. But you might see some attempts at different variations. That is OK. Let them work it out. Eventually they will figure out how to do it.


  • Two planks per team 2x4s or 2x6s


  1. Divide the group into teams. About five per team works well.
  2. Give each team two planks.
  3. Have them start at one end and move as a team to the other end of the play area.
  4. If any team member falls off the planks they must take their planks back to the start and begin again.


The planks should be 2 feet X the number of players per team. So if your teams are 4 or 5 players, give them 10 foot boards.






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