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Bail the Ship (Fun VBS or Camp Large Group Game)

Bail the Ship is a fun large group game. It pits two groups against each other and burns off a lot of energy. I have seen it played at Vacation Bible School and at camp. It's always a lot of fun.

It can be used with an ocean or adventured themed VBS or camp. Or just change the name to fit your theme. 🙂

How to Play Bail the Ship (Large Group Game)

This game does not have a winner or loser. It is just for fun and getting wet!


  • Two large sheets or towels
  • A divider, such as a volleyball net or a rope or cones


  • Lots of water balloons


  • Divide the playing area into two parts using the divider.
  • Create two teams of equal size.
  • Give each team a supply of water balloons and a towel (or sheet or blanket).
  • Each team will use the towel to launch water balloons to the other side.
  • Players may catch water balloons and launch them back.
  • Balloons which land on the ground and do not break may also be launched to the other side.
  • Play continues until all of the water balloons have been broken.


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