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A Rope Prayer for the United States

This rope prayer will help youth focus on praying for our country. If we are truly one nation under God, then we should pray for our nation.

This prayer for the United States is appropriate for national holidays, during election season, or in times of turmoil.

A Rope Prayer for the United States


One long rope or paracord – 50 feet or more


Arrange the rope in the shape of the outline of a map the continental United States. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just get the general shape.

Tell the youth to stand around the map so we can lift up our nation in prayer.

If you think it helpful for your group of youth, explain that during the prayer they will be kneeling, picking up, and putting down the rope.


Have everyone stand outside of the map.

Father in Heaven,
Thank you for the many blessings you have given our country.

We pray for all of the citizens of our nation.
May we exercise our rights responsibly and for the common good.
May we reflect your love in how we care for one another.

Kneel around the outside of the map

We pray for all who serve in our government.
May they be servant leaders.
May their decisions reflect your will.
Please guide them.

Have everyone life the rope and hold it

Holy Spirit, bind us together in your love, so that all members of our community feel safe and secure.
Let us be united so that nobody in our nation feels left out or alone.

Place the rope back on the ground in a circular shape

Teach us to work with others across the globe.
Help us to remember that we are all bound together as your beloved sons and daughters.

We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.


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