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Davy Jones Locker (Game for VBS or Camp)

Davy Jones Locker is a simple game for young children at Vacation Bible School or church camp.  In this game you fish men and treasure out of the sea. Even the youngest children at VBS will enjoy this one. Everyone gets to keep whatever they fish out.

It is based on the idea that there are men and sunken ships full of treasure trapped in Davy Jones Locker at the bottom of the sea. Your little sailors need to rescue them by pulling them out with their fishing poles.

You might want multiple kiddie pools. If you put too many kids at one pool they get their fishing lines tangled.

Davy Jones Locker Game



  1. Make the fishing poles by attaching a magnet to one end of a string and the the other end of the string to the dowel. The magnet is the "hook".
  2. Attach a paperclip to each treasure and pirate figure.
  3. Put the treasures and pirate figures in the kiddie pool.
  4. Give each child a fishing pole and let them pull the treasure and figures from Davy Jones locker by touching the magnet to the paperclip.


Test your items to ensure that the attraction between the magnet and the paperclip is strong enough to lift the item, but not too strong. For a stronger attraction, attach a small magnet to the item instead of a paperclip. For most lightweight items the paperclip should be sufficient as long as you are using a strong enough magnet on the string.


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