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Prayer of Thanksgiving for Being Saved (Based on Psalm 116)

This prayer, based on Psalm 116, is a prayer of thanksgiving for being saved by God. This is a prayer for when I have been distressed and called upon the Lord, and he has come to my rescue.

Prayer of Thanksgiving for Being Saved

Based on Psalm 116

You have heard me Lord.
I prayed and you heard me.
I was so upset.
I didn’t know where to turn.
Then I called to you
And you answered me.

I am so thankful.
You are kind and merciful.
I felt helpless and alone.
You rescued me.
You dried my tears.
You picked me up.
You stayed with me.

What can I do to thank you?
I will praise you and remember.
I will tell everyone about you.
You have freed me
So I can serve you now.

I am making a promise.
It is a promise to praise you
And thank you all my life.

I will always remember.



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