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Humility Prayer – Show Me How to Be Humble

This humility prayer asks God for the grace to let go of our need to be admired and the center of attention. It is hard to put God first when we are focused on ourselves. So this prayer asks for God to help us get rid of the self-centeredness which gets in the way of discipleship.

The original author of this prayer is unknown.

A Humility Prayer

God, I am far too often influenced by what others think of me.
I am always pretending to be either richer or smarter or nicer than I really am.
Please prevent me from trying to attract attention.
Don’t let me gloat over praise on one hand or be discouraged by criticism on the other.
Nor let me waste time weaving imaginary situations in which the most heroic, charming, witty person present is myself.
Show me how to be humble of heart, like you.

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This is another beautiful prayer focused on being humble and is especially good for praying as a group.

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Humility is not about having a low opinion of yourself or being unable to accept a compliment.

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