About Blind Drawing

Blind Drawing is a teambuilding game which will get lots of laughs. In this game one person describes a picture and the other draws it based on the description. But the person giving the description cannot name any of the object in the original!

This game will help youth understand how important clear communication is. It can also be a discussion starter about how easy it is to misunderstand another person.

How to Play Blind Drawing

Materials (per pair)

  • Sheet of paper
  • Set of crayons or markers
  • A photo or picture


  1. Divide the group into pairs.
  2. Give one member of the pair the paper and crayons. This person is the drawer.
  3. Give the other member of the pair the photo or picture. This person is the describer.
  4. Have the two sit back to back. The describer must not let the drawer see the photo.
  5. The describer must tell the drawer what to draw in order to replicate the picture. But he or she cannot name objects in the picture. They can only say colors and shapes.
  6. After five minutes, have each pair show the group the original photo and the drawing.


It is important that the describer knows they can only say colors and shapes. Give them some examples. Instead of saying “Draw a tree” they can say “Draw a long brown rectangle. Put a big green blob on top of the rectangle.” Give them several examples if they don’t understand.

More Resources

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