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Love Your Neighbor Game

About Love Your Neighbor Game

This icebreaker is a little like musical chairs or Duck Duck Goose. It involves getting up and moving to an empty seat. The question is, do you love your neighbor or not? 🙂

How to Play the Love Your Neighbor Game


  • chairs


  1. Designate a person to be It.
  2. Have everyone else sit in chairs in a circle around It. There should not be any empty chairs.
  3. It approaches someone sitting in a chair and asks “Do you love your neighbor?”
  4. If the person answers “Yes I love my neighbor” then the people sitting to the left and right of that person must switch places. It may try to take one of their seats.
  5. If the person answers “No” they must also add “but I love everyone who _________”. Everyone who meets that criteria must get up and find a new place to sit. It may try to steal of of their seats.
  6. Whoever doesn’t have a seat is It and play continues.


It might be helpful to give some examples for answering “No”

  • No, but I love everyone who has a sister
  • No, but I love everyone who is wearing red
  • No, but I love everyone who got up before 7am this morning

More Resources

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This is another game which involves moving to somebody else’s place. In this one you have to remember names though.

Love of God, Love of Neighbor Are Tied Together

Tie this game in with some teaching from our Holy Father. Pope Francis explains why love of God and love of neighbor are inseparable. Read the article for details.

Mercy toward a human being in need is the true face of love. And that is how you become true disciples of Jesus and show others the Father’s face.

Pope Francis

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