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Silly Sentence Game

About Silly Sentence Game

This game is a fun icebreaker. It works with a large group but it is also fun with a smaller group.

How to Play Silly Sentence Game


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  1. Have everyone arrange themselves in a circle.
  2. Choose one person to go first.
  3. The first person says a word to start a sentence. Something like "The", or "A", or "My" .
  4. The next person adds a single word like "dog" or "alien" or something else.
  5. The next person adds another word and so on until you have a sentence.


  • The words added must make sense from a grammatical standpoint. They don't have to make a lot of sense for the message though.
  • The players will figure out pretty quickly that it is fun to throw in a word that takes the sentence in a new direction!

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