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Popcorn Prayer Circle

What Is a Popcorn Prayer Circle?

A popcorn prayer circle gives everyone an opportunity to offer a prayer, either silently or vocally. This is a nice way to pray if you are doing an activity where you are practicing silence. But it is also just another way to pray together, or if you want to make sure everyone has a chance to offer their whole prayer without interruption.

Popcorn Prayer Circle

Give the complete instructions before you start. Fill in with the appropriate names.

  1. Everyone is going to stand in a circle and hold hands.
  2. We will start with Jane. Jane will offer her prayer, either silently or out loud.
  3. When Jane is finished, she will squeeze the hand of the person to the right, Joe. That will be Joe's signal that it is his turn.
  4. Then Joe will offer a prayer, either silently or out loud.
  5. When Joe is finished, he will squeeze the hand of Janet.
  6. We will continue around the circle until we get back to Jane. When Jane's hand is squeezed, she will say "Amen." so that we know we have gone all the way around the circle.

More Prayer Circle Ideas

abc prayer circle 1
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ABC Prayer Circle

This ABC prayer prompt is to discover prayer ideas which start with different letters of the alphabet. This is a suggestion for a group prayer, but it could also be used as an individual prayer starter.

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If you are doing a Treasured theme, use an explorer style hat for this prayer activity. But you can use whatever hat fits your theme. Think of a cowboy hat, a train conductor hat, a construction helmet, a baseball cap, etc.

One Word Spontaneous Prayer Circle

A one word spontaneous prayer circle is a way to encourage spontaneous prayer in a group. The simplicity helps group members participate even if they are a little intimidated by spontaneous prayer.

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Ball Toss prayer circle is an activity to help give everyone a chance to offer a prayer. It also encourages the more quiet ones in your group to participate.

Flashlight Prayer Circle

Flashlight Prayer Circle is a simple activity to hold attention during prayer time and to make sure everyone has a chance to offer a prayer.


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