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Blanket Carry Relay

This blanket carry relay game is best played outside on a field. In it, teams carry a member on a blankets. Everyone takes a turn carrying and being carried.

How to Play Blanket Carry Relay


  • one blanket per team
  • masking tape
  • markers
  • cones or something to mark the turn around point and to mark the start.


  1. Use the masking tape and markers to label the four corners of the blankets with 1 through 4.
  2. Divide the group into teams of five and give each team a blanket.
  3. Place a cone at the end of the play area for each team. They will have to go around this cone, so the further you place it the longer the game will take.
  4. Mark the start line with cones also.
  5. Have each team spread the blanket out on the ground. One team member should lie down on the blanket. The other four team members should each stand at a corner.
  6. On go, each team picks up their blanket by the corners and carries the person on the blanket around the cones and back to start.
  7. Once back at start, they rotate positions:
    • The person who was being carried goes to corner #1.
    • The person at corner #1 moves to corner #2.
    • The person at corner #2 moves to corner #3.
    • The person at corner #3 moves to corner #4.
    • The person at corner #4 lies on the blanket.
  8. Once in position, they pick up the blanket and run around the cone and back.
  9. They continue doing this until each person has been in each position – so five times total.
  10. The first team to complete all five rounds wins.


  • If you can’t divide the teams so there are five on each team, make some teams of 6. In this case, on the teams of 6, one person sits out each round. All teams must play 6 rounds in this case. For the teams of 5, they will repeat their first positions on the final round.

Printable Copy of Blanket Carry Relay

Click here to view and print a copy

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