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Coffee Filter Candle Holder

These colorful candle holders are fun for kids to make. Little children will need more help than older ones. Once finished, add a battery operated tea light and place on your prayer table. Then you have a colorful votive candle holder.

Coffee Filter Candle Holder

Use these colorful candle holders with battery operated lights in prayer spaces where real votive candles can’t be used.



  • Flatten the filter an lay it on a surface. If you are worried about staining, cover the surface with a disposable table cloth.
  • Tear the tissue paper into 1 inch pieces and lay over the coffee filter.
  • Spray with a heavy coat of starch and use the paint brush to smooth it out and blend the colors. The color from the tissue paper should be bleeding. If it is not, put a little water on the brush.
  • Remove the tissue paper, leaving only the colored coffee filter.
  • Spray with the starch again, and drape over the mason jar to dry.
  • When dry, the coffee filter should hold its shape.
  • Turn on the tea light and place in the filter.

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