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A Prayer to Restore Our World - Based on Psalm 80

This prayer to restore our world is a prayer of worship. God has created this space for us and it has been damaged. This prayer is based on Psalm 80.

A Prayer to Restore Our World

Based on Psalm 80

God our creator,
God our shepherd,
Come save us.
Restore us.

We have abused your world.
We have mistreated each other.
Show us how to change.
Give us new attitudes.
Come save us.
Restore us.

You made this beautiful world for us.
You planted and you cared for it.
But now it is filled with destruction.
Let us try again.
Help us love our world and each other.
Renew us and bring us new life.
We can change with your help.
Come save us.
Restore us.


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