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Ball Toss Prayer Circle

Ball Toss prayer circle is an activity to help give everyone a chance to offer a prayer. It also encourages the more quiet ones in your group to participate.

If you need a less solemn prayer activity, if the members of your group need a lift, try this with a water balloon. You should explain beforehand that this is still a prayer and people should still be reverent and respectful. But God, our loving Father, enjoys seeing us laugh also, just as a parent delights in seeing a young child having fun.

Ball Toss Prayer Circle

This is a simple group prayer activity to get everyone involved. You will need a ball or soft object. If it warm outside, try this with water balloons.


  • tennis ball
  • nerf ball
  • bean bag


  • Have everyone stand in a large circle.

Give instructions to the group before starting the activity

  1. Everyone should think of a few things to pray for or about before starting.
  2. Toss the ball or bean bag to one person in the circle.
  3. The person who receives the ball offers a prayer and then tosses it to somebody else.
  4. Then that person offers a prayer and tosses it to somebody else.
  5. This continues until everyone has had an opportunity to offer at least a couple of prayers.


Have a couple of people in the circle who will watch for who has not had a chance and will pass the ball to them.

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