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Set Up an Advent Table

Now is the time to set up and Advent table in your home or youth ministry room. If at home, put it in your family room or another room your family uses every day. Use it as a focal point to remember to observe Advent. This is important as Christmas draws closer and we are tempted to get caught up in the holiday rush.

What to Put on an Advent Table

Some things you can put on your table:

  • Your Advent wreath
  • Your Jesse tree
  • A family Bible
  • A prayer book
  • Candles
  • A jar to collect loose change for charity
  • A calendar so you can keep track of where we are in the Advent season
  • A box with slips of paper where you can write some of the good deeds you have done during Advent

You get the idea. The table can have anything which keeps your family or youth group mindful of the coming of the Christ. Remember to light your Advent wreath every day also. We have ours in our kitchen so we can light it at dinner time.

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